Our five-step sales recruiting methodology

We use a highly-regimented, detailed, and scientific five-step process in providing bespoke recruitment services to companies in the events, media, professional services, SaaS, and technology sectors seeking sales development representatives, account executives, account managers, and sales leaders.  

Step 1 of recruiting methodology

Understand your business

First, we build a deep understanding of your business, your sales program, and your company culture. This information helps us to build out a project strategy that will deliver the right candidates for your search.

Step 2 of recruiting methodology

Build your ideal candidate profile

We work closely with our clients to create a target candidate profile comprised of required skills and experience. We also devise a candidate persona representing your ideal hire’s background, goals, motivations, and concerns.

Step 3 of recruiting methodology

Perform a highly-targeted search

We employ our extensive professional network, tried-and-true search tactics, and artificial intelligence to establish a talent pool of pros who fit your profile and have a proven track record of achievement.

Step 4 of recruiting methodology

Interview and administer assessments

Each candidate is methodically tested, employing a combination of in-depth behavioral interviewing, reference checking, and scientific assessment for cognitive ability, sales aptitude, and personality.

Step 5 of recruiting methodology

Prepare and present candidate portfolio

Clients receive a detailed profile for exceptional candidates who fit the job, persona, and assessment profiles. Each compendium contains the candidate’s curricula vitae, a comprehensive comparison of the candidates' qualifications to the target job profile, a full professional reference profile, and complete assessment results.

Why we are different
Why we are different

Hitting your revenue and growth goals requires a different type of partner.  You need a recruiter who can artfully collect and synthesize data about your business and sales strategy, company climate and culture, and an ideal candidate profile into a high-powered search program.


We leverage over 20 years of in-house HR and recruiting experience to discover and align the needs and expectations of both our clients and our candidates. We assess all of our candidates for sales and cognitive ability and only introduce those to you whom we believe will be successful in your organization.


Every sales hire is critical. We combine experience and science to reduce your hiring risk.

Our guarantee

Our service is designed to deliver to you sales professionals who meet your expectations in every way. That means that they achieve their sales goals and fit with your organization. If during their first 90 days with you, they are not meeting their goals and you don’t feel confident that they are progressing, let us know.  We’ll find someone else for you. It’s on us.


Why? Because we don’t want to be your sales recruiting partner; we want to be your sales business partner.

Sales recruiting guarantee and trust