Joe Rosenbaum

Too often, employers enter the hiring process with blinders on. They are only focused on what they think they need and not what the needs of their potential employees are. For too long, this has resulted in employers misunderstanding employees’ needs, which leads to a poor hire of a bad fit who has a short tenure at the company.


That’s why Joe Rosenbaum launched People Project Partners in the summer of 2018 – to help employers obtain and retain the best employees. Joe is passionate about talent acquisition, and he uses his 20 years of experience as a Human Resources professional to help employers approach the hiring process from a completely fresh angle.


Joe applies his vast experience as an in-house HR leader to create a unique, 360-degree holistic client discovery process, which helps each of his clients formulate a full picture of what they actually need in a candidate, and not just on a resume. He works one-on-one with each of his clients to identify the specific needs they have first before tackling the bigger hurdles to talent acquisition.


A 20-year member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Joe works with clients of all types, from companies in the events, media, professional services, SaaS and technology sectors.


Joe previously worked for Argyle, a leading data-driven B2B events firm focused on delivering sales acceleration and lead generation services to enterprise clients. As Argyle’s first in-house HR executive, Joe led the Human Resources Department through extended phases of rapid organic growth, through its sale to private equity and through the acquisition of London-based Innovation Enterprise.


Joe also spent two-and-a-half years leading Human Resources at ALTOUR International, an industry-leading travel management firm delivering high-touch travel services to business travelers in the banking, legal, film and TV, and music industries.


Joe is a native of Indiana and graduated from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management.