We deliver sales pros who can close, and who will stick with you.

Unlike traditional recruiters, we’ve led in-house recruiting at rapid growth companies and have hired hundreds of sales professionals. Our workforce knowledge is extensive, and our search and qualification methods are uncompromising. We deliver candidates who will perform for your company and will fit with your team.

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Why work with People Project Partners?

Unlike other recruitment and staffing firms, we deliver more than just a resume. Our process identifies candidates who have the experience, smarts, and sales aptitude to make a difference in your business.

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More predictable revenue performance

Establish sales as a center of excellence

Build a reputation as a destination for top sellers

Why you should work with us


The quality and effectiveness of your company’s revenue operation is more important than ever. Potential clients are bombarded with emails and phone calls every day. To drive greater company performance, a top-notch sales force is essential.


We help high-growth companies achieve their goals by presenting high-performing sales professionals with the experience and proven aptitude to deliver revenue and profit.

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Drive key sales metrics

Enhance recruitment expense ROI

More predictable revenue performance

Why you should work with us


Wasting money on third-party sales recruiters is easy. The service is expensive and the result that matters most – hiring a candidate who can achieve their revenue goal and will stay with you – is impossible to predict. 


There is a better way.


Our methodology is designed to vet and present candidates who will fit in your sales organization for a long time. We scientifically assess every candidate for cognitive and sales aptitude. Our goal is to make sure that you’ll hire a sales pro who successfully contributes to your revenue stream for years to come.

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Accelerate ramp-up time

Reduce non-selling time

Build the optimal sales team

Why you should work with us


As a sales leader with ever-changing business goals and market realities, you need a sales team who can keep up with the pace of the business and hit it’s sales targets. More importantly, you need a team that can do the work and will stick around for a while.


That’s why we apply a 360-degree methodology to our search projects. We learn about your business, your sales program, and your company culture so that we can map candidate strengths, goals and ambitions to your needs. Every candidate completes cognitive and sales aptitude assessments that are proven to predict performance.


We only submit to you the candidates that we’ve determined will meet your needs and will be a part of your team for years to come.

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Enhance the credibility of your recruiting operation

Reduce hiring friction

Make a bigger impact on revenue

Why you should work with us


We’ve lived and breathed HR inside rapid-growth companies for years, and we know the challenges of recruiting. No matter how refined your employer branding, how proactive you are building a candidate pipeline, or how rigorous your interview process, hiring is always a risk. Sales hiring is the riskiest of all.


That’s why we focus on understanding your business, building an accurate candidate profile, and scientifically assessing each candidate. All of our candidates possess proven sales aptitude and are more likely to fit with your team and culture. Our candidates are more likely to stick, which means less turnover and more sales for your company.